7 Wonderful Ideas for Your Rainbow Baby Pregnancy Announcement

Pregnancy announcements are a trend that has been steadily growing over the last decade, especially between spouses. And possibly one of the most beautiful announcements is for a rainbow baby. A “rainbow baby” is one that comes after one has passed. The rainbow is symbolic of the joy that will come after a storm. With all the emotion that comes with this little bundle of joy, here are some sweet ways you can announce your rainbow baby to the world!

7 Rainbow Baby Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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1. A Simple, Yet Stylish Onesie 

Surprise your husband, friends or family with this sweet and simple onesie!

Things we LOVE about it….

  • Use it to Announce to the whole family! This little onesie can be used to surprise your husband, in photos to reveal your pregnancy, and even given to surprise the rest of your family!
  • It’s practical. Then, for all my practical friends, when your little one arrives, they can wear it for some even more adorable photo announcements of the birth! 

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2. A Beautiful Announcement Bundle 

This wonderful bundle from Etsy is a super cute way to reveal your rainbow pregnancy to your husband and the rest of your family.

Things we LOVE about it….

  • Customizable. What’s fantastic is that this bundle is entirely customizable (see picture with the color chart)!
  • Double as Nursery Decor. This set can become some cute and simple decor in your baby’s room or in a shadow box to hang in your home.

How to Announce it….

Just order the customized bundle from Etsy, lay out on a swaddle or have someone snap a picture of you with the items! Then wrap up and reveal to your husband, family, or the world! 

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3. Smoke Announcement – Under a Beautiful Rainbow!

If the understanding of a rainbow baby is something that is already a topic of conversation topic between you and your family, this is a great option!

Things we LOVE about it….

This reveal is both intimate and personal between you and your family. The pictures that come out of it would be great to hang up in the nursery or to share the news over Facebook!

How to Announce it….

Host a party in your backyard or at a park. Then, have a beloved friend or wonderful photographer get the reveal on camera right as the rainbow smoke goes off!

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4. A Confetti-Filled Announcement 

A rainbow baby pregnancy announcement is nothing without some confetti!

Things we LOVE about it….

This can be used for friends and family members who live both near and far!

How to Announce it….

There are a few ways you can do this!

  1. Card. Fill it with this beautiful watercolor confetti and have your loved ones open it! This is a super easy way to announce your new bundle of joy!
  2. Party. Spreading some confetti out on a table and snap a picture of the sonogram on top of it! This is a super simple and easy-to-clean way to do a rainbow baby pregnancy announcement.

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5. A Sibling Reveal! 

Another great way to do a rainbow baby pregnancy announcement is to involve the little kiddos you already have!

Things we LOVE about it….

This reveal will get the siblings involved and the cute little shirt can be worn! Not only is this adorable, but it’s also very useful!!

How to Announce it….

A great way to accomplish this is to get this shirt and onesie from Etsy and have your son or daughter surprise wear it! It’s a great way for your children to feel involved and an adorable way to announce your rainbow baby to your family!

Make sure you snap some adorable pictures holding the onesie so you can announce it over social media! You could also get the photo printed and hang it in the baby’s nursery.

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6. Prints and Photographers Galore

Some of the best reveals are the ones captured by a photographer – to enjoy for the rest of your life. A rainbow baby pregnancy reveal to family and friends is definitely one of those that are wonderful to capture in print.

Things we LOVE about it….

You will want to remember this moment forever! The nice thing is that you can have the photo printed and hung along side this sweet sign, in the nursery.

How to Announce it….

Hire a Photographer. Tell your family that you want to get professional pictures done. During the shoot, hold up this this cute Etsy sign. After the photographer has captured it, turn around and capture their reaction!

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7. A Letterboard Reveal

Yet another beautiful and simple way to reveal your pregnancy is using this cute rainbow felt letterboard!

Things we LOVE about it….

Letter boards are a rising trend because they’re adorable and customizable for multiple occasions. The other great thing about this is that there are multiple ways to do this rainbow baby pregnancy announcement to your friends and family!

How to Announce it….

You could set the letterboard up on a table with the sonogram, so when they walk in it will be the first thing they notice!

Phrases you could use:


Make sure to have your camera ready, so you can capture their reaction! Whatever you decide, this is sure to be a beautiful reveal.

And the best part of all of it? You can continue to use this board as your baby grows at birthday parties and photo sessions!

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8. Include Your Fur Baby

Finally, another fun way to announce your rainbow baby is to get this print and include your precious fur baby!

Tings we LOVE about it….

Your pup was there to comfort you during the storm, so including them in this cute announcement makes sense!

How to Announce it….

  1. On the Counter. Invite your friends and family for dinner and set this print (framed) on the counter! Have your video camera ready for when they notice!!
  2. Wrap it as a Gift. Another great option is to frame it and give it to your family as a gift. This will work great if it’s near a holiday or someones birthday!

Either way, these are both sweet options and one that you can hang up in the nursery too! The other great thing about this is that it comes in a digital print as well, so creating your social media announcement is a breeze.

For price and reviews: CLICK HERE!

Rainbow Baby Mom Blogs

If you’d like some other ideas, or need some encouragement about whatever storm you’re going through, check out these blogs of women who have gone through a rainbow pregnancy! You can see what they did to celebrate, or you can feel encouraged by the shared struggles of sisters.

In Conclusion

Rainbow babies are something to be celebrated after the mourning process of losing a beloved child. A great way to celebrate that beautiful life is to announce your rainbow baby to your husband so that you can cry your tears of grief and joy in an intimate setting and then announce it to the world! Whether your rainbow baby pregnancy announcement to your husband utilizes a photographer, confetti, or your first son/daughter, it definitely won’t disappoint! Whatever you choose, I hope the outcome is everything you wanted it to be! 

Happy Celebrating! 

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7 Wonderful Ideas for Your Rainbow Baby Pregnancy Announcement

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